Label: Innovative Leisure

Like its tasteful album cover, Rhye's Woman is intimate, elegant, and contextually anonymous. Although it was later revealed that duo consisted of Mike Milosh and Quadron's Robin Hannibal, when they originally began promoting Rhye's song they were released without any information.

Early tracks like "The Fall" and "Open" drew comparisons to Sade. But the fery feminine voice turned out to be that a man, Milosh, who sings the entire album—hitting some very impressive high notes. "I think people identify singers that sing with that type of emotion and clarity with a woman," explained Hannibal to MTV.

The songs are arranged so the vocals and the instrumentation become so intertwined that they're like a single entity, even when one element drops out and the other plays on its own. Like when you're so close to your lover's body you can hardly tell what part you're kissing.  —Insanul Ahmed