Label: True Panther, XL Recordings

King Krule's 6 Feet Beneath The Moon is not a perfect album, and that might be the best thing about it. 19-year-old Archy Marshall, formerly known as Zoo Kid, doesn't seem in control of his own yowling voice. His songs are unpolished and raw, and the only cohesion on his debut album lies in the consistent erraticism.

Over jazzy guitar stabs and dusty drum loops his voice meanders, striking a brooding, frustrated tone. It makes you feel unsettled, like you're listening to someone struggling to work something out in their own head while remaining uninterested in getting any assistance. In all of this uneasy sloppiness, though, King Krule is completely fascinating. He's a crude talent unconcerned with perfect, and while he might not yet have it all figured out, hearing him work his way through it has led to one of this year's most unique and interesting listens. —Jacob Moore