Label: Vice Records

Action Bronson and Harry Fraud's Saaab Stories might have been a better move for Fraud than Bronson, because it served as a showcase for the producer's beats and not the rapper's personality. Maybe that's why Blue Chips 2 feels like a way for Action to reestablish his brand before the end of 2013—as well as drum up interest for his official debut album in 2014.

The project teams Action up again with Party Supplies, after the duo worked wonders for each other last year with the prequel to this project. Action sounds overjoyed about the reunion. Blue Chips 2 is an album so fun it makes us realize how grim so much music in 2013 has been. Hearing Action rap over Chuck Del Rio's "Tequila" is worth the price of admission alone. (Pee-Wee Herman's old theme; and fans of the movie The Sandlot will remember it as the song that goes, "Da dat dada dat da, da dat dada dat da, da dat dada dat da," and then everyone throws up).

The only part we can't figure out is why Action decided to throw a bunch of sports-related ads (real ads, not parody ads Action made) at the end of a bunch of songs. It lead to a series of confusing moments where you might think you're listening to the album on Spotify only to realize, wait, no you're not. But man, I sure could go for some Applebees. —Insanul Ahmed