Back in August, Ta-ku linked with HYPETRAK for the first "Drive Slow, Homie" mix. It's one of those perfect "back to mine" mixes, with the top down out in Cali, soaking up the ocean breeze. Tonight they done did it again, bringing us Part II of the "Drive Slow, Homie" series. Turnt down treats from Penthouse Penthouse, Stwo, Benzi, and Wave Racer round out this evening delight. No need to blast this; just grab her thigh, turn on the headlights, and drive slow.


Stwo - Syrup
Jeftuz - Girl
Trian Kayhuta - Alright
Tajan & fwdslxsh - Beautiful
Drake - From Time (Full Crate Remix) [Unreleased]
TNV x Rami B - Old School Covertible [Unreleased]
Professa - Goodnight Bump
Evil Needle - Light Ray
Mr Carmack - ifoundsomething [Unreleased]
Atu - YF Ella Remix [Unreleased]
Dpat - Untitled [Unreleased]
Rook Milo - Cobalt Polo [Unreleased]
Penthouse Penthouse - Private Jet [Unreleased]
RLP - DRP_DAT [Unreleased]
Sivey - Waterbed Slow-mo [Unreleased]
Ghost Town DJ's - My Boo (Wave Racer Remix)
Ta-ku - Electr(on)ic Relaxation (Benzi x Espinosa EDIT) [Unreleased]
Lord Shrimpy - Remedy
Masuka - Whatadime
HOWLS (Ta-ku & KitPop) x B.Lewis - Go [Unreleased]