Without putting all of my cards on the table, I'll let you lot know that I'm a DAD who's a dad. I can relate to shit that I'd normally not worry about, like your kids being missing. This music shit can be cool, but nothing compares to that real-life frustration, pain, and trauma from when your kids are off somewhere. So the official clip for "I AM" from Sick Individuals & Axwell (which features vocals from Taylr Renee and has remixes coming from Nu:Tone, Jacob Plant, and Deorro), which features a single mother's struggle when one of her sons is missing, can be hard to watch. This clip was directed by Matthew Laeng, who won the "I AM" video competition that Axwell sorted out with Genero.tv. "I AM" has been re-released via Ultra, with the remix project due out in early 2014.