While PIX 11 might have you believe that Sharkeisha started some kind of trend of uploading videos of people getting mollywhopped to the Internets, one has to just peruse Worldstar and see how many fight compilation videos are out there. No, Sharkeisha beating up Shamichael went viral because homegirl was named Sharkeisha, and that first punch was pretty fucking vicious! We can't help it, though; we'd been waiting for someone to flip this into some kind of dance remix, and Tim Dolla made sure to turn Sharkeisha's pouncing on Shamichael (and more importantly, the commentary from those behind the camera) into a quick track. In light of Sharkeisha catching a case, this is everything right now:

Not to be outdone, one of the most prolific EDM Internets also got in on this. That's right, Dillon Francis took the infamous "Sharkeisha, no!" from the clip and ran with it: