A week after offering a tribute to Paul Walker with "Destiny Bends," RZA releases "Gift of Hope" featuring Will Wells. In the heartfelt message below RZA says the record was inspired by the passing of Nelson Mandela, as well as the cast of Gang Related. RZA plays Cassius Green on the upcoming drama series, and it's clear through his words that he's grown fond of the other cast members. Listen to "Gift of Hope" below.

Continuing on good vibes and inspirations, here is a song we did this weekend in the studio entitled "A Gift A Hope" by the RZA ft. Will Wells. Inspired by the great Nelson Mandela and the cast of #Gang Related...During the holiday season many of us working in Hollywood realize we are migrates and most of our families are rooted in different cities across the country. It's cool when a team of us working on a project have good camaraderie and are able to break bread, share joy and laughter. Long projects causes you to missed love ones and the hustle and bustle of it all may leave one disconnected from good willed people and trustworthy companionship. Some say it's all a song and dance out here. The diversity of the work force here on the ground range from all ethnics and class of people. Many come with the dreams and hope of making it big and the majority may not see that dream fulfilled. Yet they will notice they are still part of a unique work culture. One that depends highly on collaboration. One where the big fish success depends heavily on the little fish. One where race creed and sexuality will eventually be superseded by need and demand to get the job done on time and on budget. One where the end product will become a entity of its own, appearing to be singular and independent of the multicultural multi-ethnic bodies that created it, yet as the end title credits will show this is no "one man horse and pony." Cast and crews should take pride knowing that every lil bit of dedicated work helps... this micro work force can be liken to a macro society where ‚ until the members of that society realizes that working peacefully and diligently together will end in a greater reward for future of the whole. That said society will continue to fail and eventually implode and erase itself from map due to its own internal discord. In this vein greater men have put down their individual strife in the interest of building the collective. Thus great men are known by the mark they left on their country masses...hard working mothers and fathers see the results when the children raise their family to higher heights...please enjoy this demo that reflect these ideas…

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