It's easy to forget the true meaning of Christmas. During this holiday season, what with all the shopping and decorating and drinking and eating, and the War, and costumes, and caroling an everything else, it's easy to forget that Christmas is a commemoration of capitalism the birth of Jesus Christ the man who Christians believe to have been the son of God. Luckily, hip-hop can help us remember. 

This year especially. One of the biggest albums of the year (the very best one, in fact) was Kanye West's Yeezus. And during the high-concept tour for the album, Kanye would dialogue with a character known as "White Jesus." But rappers have always had a fascination with such iconography. (I mean, like lots of people. The Christian religion is a very popular religion.) Back in 1999, Nas actually played Jesus in his video for "Hate Me Now." 2Pac had a cartoon photo of himself being crucified like Christ on the cover of the album 1996 he recorded under the name "Makavelli," The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory. From magazine covers to mixtape art, lots of rappers have assumed the Jesus Christ Pose. So in celebration of the season, here are 16 pictures of them doing just that.

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