Raleigh Ritchie releases his new record "Bloodsport" off his upcoming EP Black and Blue. The UK R&B singer has a warm, soulful voice and uses it here to delve into a painful relationship that he's committed to make work. You can hear the passion in his words as he fights for their future. "I got your back/And though it's stacked against us/I've got your hand/It's us against consensus," he croons over the somber backdrop. He even goes into a rap-style bridge near the end, and he pulls it off nicely. This musical range may be why Kendrick Lamar hand-picked Ritchie to open for him on tour during the Compton rappers' recent stint in the UK. 

Raleigh Ritchie's four-song EP Black and Blue will be released January 5. It can be pre-ordered on iTunes here. In the meantime, check out Ritchie's latest EP The Middle Child for free on his official website.

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