In a recent visit to SiriusXM for their "Artist Confidential" series, R. Kelly shared a fantastic story about the time he met and worked with Michael Jackson on "You Are Not Alone." Recorded in 1994, the song topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1995. It was a special moment for Kelly, who recalls channeling not only Michael's musical style but also his, umm, unique behaviorism. "Not trashing Mike, but I would have to act real feminine-like because Michael has a feminine thing going on, but I know he's not like that," he says. "At the same time I had to jump into that to do it. I felt funny at first, but I had to accept it if I wanted to write a song strictly for Michael."

He also recounts a story about the time Jackson visited him in Chicago. The rules were clear: Michael only wanted to see R. Kelly when he arrived at the studio. While the directions from the King of Pop seemed simple enough, Kelly's manager turned it into a hilariously awkward moment. Listen to both audio clips below where R. Kelly also talks about the revelation he had in school when he found out singing was the right path to impressing girls. His new album Black Panties is out now.

[via SirusXM

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