The holidays are quickly approaching, and as the season unleashes its endless barrage of themed music, one thing is becoming painfully clear: It's not easy getting busy under the mistletoe to the 48,000th play of "Jingle Bell Rock." People need a little more jingle in their bells, Santa needs some cookies with his milk and there ain't nothing wrong with a little bit of bump n' grind on everyone's wish list.

Fortunately, those seasonal desires will no longer have to go unanswered, as R. Kelly says he has a Christmas album in the works. Before you get too excited, it won't be coming out this year (for now, just settle for his contribution to The Best Man Holiday soundtrack, "Christmas I'll Be Steppin'"). See, Kellz just needs one more Christmas to get it right. But do get a regular amount excited, because it sounds like pretty much exactly what everyone wants from an R. Kelly Christmas album:

"I’m working on a Christmas album right now called the 12 Nights of Christmas," he told Rap-Up. "Yeah, you know, and it’s gonna be a lot of lovemaking. I come with that bearing gifts."

He added that he started working on the album last Christmas, but he's not putting it out until it's perfect because, unlike most Christmas albums, it's not meant to be a cash grab. It's meant to be a certified night-before-Christmas-there-are-many-sounds-through-the-house-especially-coming-from-the-bedroom classic. "In order to get that and capture that moment, you have to take a couple of Christmases and then you come with it," he explained.

Meanwhile, for those who like their R. Kelly in any season, his new album Black Panties came out yesterday, and, according to Billboard, it's on track to sell 100,000 copies and debut in the top 10. And there's more where that came from, according to the singer. He added in the Rap-Up interview that he has "like seven, eight albums" waiting. Check out the full interview below and make sure you get everything on your wish list this year: 2014 Christmas looks like it's going to be pure naughty behavior.

[via Rap-Up]

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