It's only been two months since the release of Pusha T's excellent solo debut My Name Is My Name, but the G.O.O.D. Music rapper is already beginning to look toward his next project. In a public Q&A moderated by Miss Info tonight at New York's SoHo Apple Store, he hinted at what that might entail, according to audience members and bloggers on site:

"On January 2nd, me, Pharrell and Chad are going in the studio for 20 days. That will start the 'King Push' album." - Pusha T

— LowKeyUHTN (@LowKeyUHTN) December 18, 2013

Me chad n pharrell are going into the studio for 20 days on Jan 2- @PUSHA_T

— Mikey Fresh (@MikeyFresh1) December 18, 2013

Chad and Pharrell. As in  Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo. Yup, apparently Pusha T is headed back to record with his old friends The Neptunes. For 20 days. The duo is behind all three groundbreaking albums from Pusha T's original group, Clipse. Twenty days? Think how much grindin' can be done in 20 days. Get excited.

In the meantime, Pusha T still has a few singles on deck from MNIMN. He announced he's shooting the video for "Suicide" tomorrow in New York, and the videos for "40 Acres" and "S.N.I.T.C.H." are up next after that. 

 [via @LowKeyUHTN; @MikeyFresh1]

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