Pusha T is the subject of a new interview in Murder Dog Magazine (yep!) and it's full of quotes revealing his deep emotional interior. While discussing how his home state of Virginia can feel regionless—"[it's] not very very South and it’s not the North either... So we grew up in a world of our own"—and how, without those prescribed roots, he can create art that feeds into his own "dark feel," Pusha delves into loneliness. Some of that is drawn from that fact that he and his brother No Malice are not currently working together as Clipse (but Pharrell and Kanye West will produce, should the brothers reunite), as well as the absence of friends who have gone to jail. Read the entire quote below. It's a beautiful illustration of why there's such a grim tone to Pusha's music.

My music is just aggressive. My outlook on life is aggressive. I’m still fighting. When it comes to music I’m bitter a little bit. It’s not because of where I am personally, but around me, like all of my friends are in jail. All of them are in jail right now. I look around at other people and they hang out with their friends and go places. I don’t do that much. I can’t. Mine are all in jail. Not to blame the music, but we came into this thinking music is the way out. Then when you get caught up in politics you have to think about how to survive and keep up your music. You don’t wanna be broke and you don’t wanna appear broke to the public. Because of that a lotta my friends ended up behind bars because of how we started in this game. Yeah, I’m not running with my brother right now. I would much rather be in a group now. I know my brother is in a very spiritual place. His belief is strong and he love[s] where he is, but I’m his younger brother and I am selfish. I don’t know if I want my brother to not be with me right now. When you ask me if I’m angry or where does this edge come from, I have a lotta thoughts in my mind when I’m rhyming or when I hit the stage or when I’m talking about music. Music is not all happy to me. It hasn’t been the greatest in every aspect. I could easily sit here and be like, 'I take care of my family and I drive Benz[es] and do what I wanna do.' But we’d been doing things like that and I don’t need music to do that. It’s a little more personal with me. I think that personal side comes out as anger in my music.

[via Murder Dog]

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