Austin rapper Slick Talk, of the group League of Extraordinary Gz, is preparing an EP release with local producer Eric Dingus, who's caught the ear of people like OVO's Oliver El-Khatib and Sir Michael Rocks with his swooning, ambient production. The EP, titled deathbeDreams, is due February 18.

"That Lower," the extremely promising first track off the project, shows the two to be a solid match, pairing Dingus's dreamy production with Slick Talk's comfortable, considered rapping. Sounding a little like a more thoughtful Curren$y, Slick Talk offers a tour of the streets of the South Side of Austin in a soft-spoken drawl that at first makes his subject matter seem calmer than it actually is. But he slowly works his way up to demanding attention, especially with the frantic, evocative lyrical burst of narration about running from the cops: "Swallow the rock, don't swallow the rock/You'll get sick if you swallow that rock/That's the only option you've got/You don't want to be in lock up or a hollow wood box/Think you smart and gon' throw it in the bush but the cops and the squad gonna follow that drop."

It's an arresting song. Check it out below:

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