I know this dude has been around for a minute but Infuze is a Brooklyn, NY based producer that's landed in my world in 2013 as he's dropped a number of incredible tunes.  "Get Enough" was one of the coolest trap records I heard all year and his recent remix for Camo & Krooked is a slice of 128BPM new school house/breakbeat brilliance.  I'm totally excited as well to premiere his latest remix for Sigma, which is on some 95BPM super bass heavy dancehall flavored trapiness.  This flip is definitely an interesting blending of genres and vibes and equally impressive is the execution of the sound design.  He's managed to put himself in a class, for me anyways, as a producer that can make anything sound good.  Like, you may very well not like the tune or whatever, but he'll still have elements in there that'll make your ears go WOW.  That class I speak of is extremely small by the way.  Be on the lookout for a bunch of remixes and a new EP for SMOG coming from Infuze early on in 2014.