Sure, we could have offered a snide remark at Paris Hilton claiming that she was one of the top five DJs in the world right now.  We could have linked the countless videos of her lame dancing to horribly mixed Beatport Top 40 hits.  We could show her notorious repeated trainwreck debut where some random guy jumped in to help her along, and call her bland act an embarrassment.  But truth be told, she’s winning right now.  The former reality star is reportedly clearing six figures for an hour-long performance, the kind of pay day that should be reserved for someone that has years of skill and more than a couple of years in the game.

Paul Oakenfold’s response to Paris Hilton’s claim is hilarious, though. Paparazzi working for TMZ repeated Paris' “top five” claim to Oakenfold, a 50-year-old veteran with 30 years in the game and an unmatched set of credentials.  He replied “of course she’s not one of the top 5 DJs,” then seemed to think that this photog was pulling his leg after mulling the statement over in his head for a brief moment.  We certainly appreciate Oakenfold speaking for all of us, and hope that this craze of reality stars clearing millions of dollars in place of true pioneers in music dies at some point.  We keep throwing up in our mouths every time it happens, and it isn’t very becoming.