Certain songs burn the house down. Others could be described as fire. Some are heaters. A few smolder.

"Generation Blue," the latest single from New York singer Niia, is definitely in the last category, and not just because its video imagines what would happen if Sinead O'Connor started reading a newspaper (the August 18th New York Times, by the looks of it) and set it on fire in the "Nothing Compares 2U" video. With its slinky vocals and tense, minimal strings, "Generation Blue" infuses its downbeat lyrical themes with a sultry, slow-burning energy. Niia's voice is the innately pretty kind that inspires instant kinship.

The sound might also be familiar to fans to Rhye or Quadron, other recent projects from the song's producer Robin Hannibal, who will be handling the production on Niia's upcoming 2014 album. Paired with the brilliant video from director Dan Monick, "Generation Blue" should be the perfect winter mood-setter to build anticipation for the project. Check it out above.

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