At DAD, our focus is on electronic music. That "scene" is what's drawn us together, but it's not the only thing we know. We try to keep our ears to the world outside of the club (which isn't easy), and keep up with current events. Saying that, it's hard to ignore the impact that the passing of Nelson Mandela has had on us. When you talk about people who made it their work to crush evils like apartheid, you have to bring up Mandela's name. He was the first black South African president, a position he held for five years in the 1990s. His term started only a few years after being released from a 27-year imprisonment, a fiasco which he used to poke holes in the racist structure that many all over the world met. He truly lead an extraordinary life, and it'd take a while to even break down his life's work.

All of that said, it's beautiful to see members of the EDM community paying respect to Mandela via tweets, and it was amazing to see the striking tribute David Guetta paid to Mandela during a recent set at Stereosonic. Check out what some producers, DJs, and entities were thinking when they heard the news, and check out a mix that King Kong Disko made in tribute to Mandela. No it's not a massive EDM rinseout, but a dancehall ting. While you're listening, check out some essential speeches from Mandela, then later run through these inspirational videos. Rest in peace, Nelson Mandela.