For our final Best of 2013 DAD mix, we got Canada's NC-17 to bat clean-up. NC-17 has been moving in a number of drum & bass circles for the last six years, with stellar labels like DSCI4, Viper Recordings, Mac II, Circle, and Allsorts snapping up their tracks over the years. NC-17 is all about the upfront drum & bass pressure, as well as movies, so it made sense that they'd kick off their Grind5ouse Audio imprint in 2012. 2013 has been solid for NC-17, what with the dnb massive finally getting their hands on "Class of 1999," as well as the Sex, Drugs, Lies, Alcohol & Video Tape EP getting a released on Mainframe. Pure killers, no fillers, which is what gets brought forth in this mix.

In the style of dnb DJs like Mampi Swift and Andy C, NC-17 tease a fair number of classics in this mix, adding intensity to the selection of 2013 bangers they've provided. If you're a dnb fan, you have the perfect mix to end your year out with. Grab a bottle of your favorite drink and go in.

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Neo - Hive "Audio VIP" (RAM)
::Bacteria RMX
M-Theory - Maztek (Hardware)
Slugs - DC Breaks (RAM)
::Killers Don't Die
Mythos - Inside Info & Mefjus (Virus)
Demonz - Mob Tactics (Zooo Recordings)
Mr.Mac - Saxxon (G13)
::Steppin Stones
Class of 1999 - NC-17 & Explicit (Grindhou5e)
::Alien Girl
Hard Goin - Cabin Fever (Co-Lab)
::Robocop 2
Black Dragon - Mr.Explicit (Dread)
Soldiers - NC-17 (Mainframe)
Warrior - Loadstar (Ram)
Wanna Know - Black Sun Empire (SOM 2013 VIP)
We Rollin - NC-17 & Qo (Mainframe)
::Game Over
No Funk - Inside Info (Viper)
Bounce - Dose (Ram)
???? - NC-17 & KC (????)
::Feel Me
Blood Money - Maldini (C4C Recordings)
Dead Mans Hand - Mob Tactic
Flinstone - Frankee (ProgRam)
::Late Night VIP
Sleaze Disease - NC-17 & KC (Mainframe)
Flash Forward - Six Blade (Viper)
Headroom VIP - Audio (Virus)

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