If you want to hear Alex Cosenza remix a favorite song of yours, simply tell him that you are sure that he can't do it. He will rise to the challenge, and not in any half-ass manner that simply proves a point. Alex isn't just fucking around with generic trap beats, proving himself young and wise when it comes to the current state of electronic music.

As another year closes out, a number now a part of history, the young producer has reason to be proud. Excitement for what is to come in 2014 only scratches the surface of Cosenza's vision moving forward, planning to do exactly that. He recognizes that trap might be in serious danger of getting trapped in itself. Drops and drum rolls that were once varied, innovative, and new are now fairly predictable. The downtempo flow is still cool for dance music, but we are all going to need something more complex from trap music.

Alex will continue to run the trap, and he eases us into the resolutions a little early. I went right back to high school, as the late 90's track from R&B vixen Mya. I can still see the cherry red stain on a set of juicy, full lips. She was young when made popular, sexy in a classy way. Classy at least for the time, as the video for this song had her dancing in windbreaker baggy windbreaker pants and a sports bra. She was poised and well choreographed, and I always wondered who would even think of dogging her like these lyrics suggested. The point of view of my high school self, an awkward white girl with an embarrassing lack of grace, I couldn't dance for shit, and I remember admiring the flawless nature by which Mya's mouth moved, her body following suit.

I am all grown up, and this Cosenza remix adds some growth to the original song, proving his dedication to raising the bar for trap music. The remix keeps the melody and vocals running throughout various drum rolls, all signature trap beats, but rearranged to throw off anyone expecting something simple. It is full and juicy like the lips of said vocalist, with many chops and drops that add depth to an already hot original. The track has a steady groove throughout, but it is the subtle changes that really excite me. Particularly the dubbed vocals that stray far from the original, giving my ears a little bit of everything in these few minutes.

I am glad Alex decided to release this, a product of a little fucking around  and goading from his friends. A bunch of trolls they are, and I hope they continue to coax him into making all kinds of new music in this new year, where Cosenza seems dead serious about his plans to act ratchet and rude, delivering some filthy ass music. He is going run the trap till it is rearranged, totally fucking it up, managing to avoid its lure. He paints a picture of Hova's not give a fuck moment from The Black Album, when he smacks the mic and utters, "man, fuck this," with frustration and disgust.

I see his real face, and it is sweet and smiling, not even pretending to be rude.