Mr. Carmack is on a streak, releasing some of the most intelligent bass music that we've seen in the past year. He stormed on the scene with a stack of hip-hop records, and has seemed to find endless inspiration in his Los Angeles surroundings. His sound has gotten a bit more electronic, but that thumping low end and oddball swing is still the standard. And though he's horrible with reposting his records on soundcloud from other sources, his body of work is mind-blowing. He has five full releases up on Bandcamp that have been featured a separate SoundCloud page. His collaborative tunes often end up being hosted by his friends and their record labels. Tunes get deleted consistently (six of the 10 records released during a 10 day run were removed), and we can't imagine the unreleased work that he's tucking. If you see his personal SoundCloud page, you give him a respectful nod. It's a horrible representation though, and we thought it was time to right this wrong by putting as much as we could possibly find in one place.

What you can't find on his SoundCloud page are his singles on Mad Decent, "Birth Control" and "Hopscotch." He's given downloadable singles to a grip of blogs. He has collaborative records with Stooki Sound, Arnold (as well as a remix of that collaboration by LOUDPVCK), Colta, Lindsay Lowend, Lakim, Kenny Segal, Evil Needle, Djemba Djemba, Jacuzzi, and Treasure Fingers. Once you start tracking the amount of music he's made in the past year, it's pretty incredible. We found more than 70 records produced in the past year and compiled them all in one SoundCloud set for your enjoyment. We didn't include remixes or mashups, and omitted most of the hip-hop tunes that he produced. The catalog is still absolutely overwhelming, and undeniably genius once the dots are connected. This man is turning himself into a living legend right before our eyes, and doesn't seem to give a fuck at all about it. It's worth a smirk, to say the least.