Back in 2001, the infamous Missy Elliott called out all the men out there that… well lacked endurance in the sheets with the classic “One Minute Man.” The song should have been the anthem for Viagra but that’s just my sick demented marketing plan. Anyway, flash forward 12 years later to the here and now and Jesse Slayter and Saint bring you not one minute, but an almost three minute twerked out 100BPM remix of the Missy Elliott classic. Before today you probably heard this track on Benzi’s Girl Trapz 4, but today is your lucky day as these two guys and Do Androids Dance are premiering this track and giving it to you for free. DJs want to get the ladies on the dancefloor? Drop this track and watch the magic unfold. Want to send your ephemeral man a message? This is the perfect way to do so, download now and thank me later.