Ever since he walked listeners through a day in his fantastically mundane life earlier this year, Boston's Michael Christmas has demonstrated a gift for deadpan humor and disarming bars that are more complex than they first appear. Turning his attention from "Arrested Development" to Quentin Tarantino, today he shared a new video, "Jackie Brown," off his upcoming mixtape Is This Art?, which is due early next year.

Featuring the soulful vocals of Boston singer Manu Manzo on the hook and a calm but decidedly funky beat from Jasper Sheff, the song finds Christmas tightening up his delivery but losing none of his sense of humor, particularly regarding his own musical approach. "Tried to write a hit and wrote a list of shit I need to make/Like Stouffer's mac and cheese," he raps before, naturally, comparing himself to Baby.

It's ridiculous and heartfelt at the same time, and it's got the video to match courtesy of go-to collaborator Goodwin. Featuring a cameo from Christmas's little sister and what are almost certainly the hardest bars ever delivered by someone in a blue polka dot bathrobe, it's awfully charming. Check out the video above, and keep an eye out for Is This Art?

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