Just in an effort to reiterate some things, moombahton is a global thing.  Pretty much has been since day one and the lack of looks to other parts of the world to keep things moving in a positive direction is slightly depressing.  Early this year when I was working with another site, Man-K came across my radar.  And wouldn't you know, this 17-year-old Chilean kid came with some seriously interesting stuff.  Even with one of the grossest pieces of artwork I've ever seen accompany a release, the music simply just stood out. In an effort to push he and older brother J-1's NYE gig, they dropped a little dime piece of midtempo gold here with "Viva La Moombah." Latin, Dutch, and twerk elements permeate this ace party starter with complete ease. Basically, I figure if anyone should be repping the global impulse of moombahton...it should be us here at DAD.  Enjoy.