In case you weren't aware, Machinedrum's created a world unto itself; it's something that was hinted in the video for "Gunshotta," which is said to have taken place on Gunshotta Ave... which is one of the pieces of Machinedrum's Vapor City map. You can check out the different sectors of this town via, and it looks like Machinedrum has gone ahead and started cultivating material surrounding these different spots on that map. Word is that there was a mix to go along with Vapor City Metro," and today we get word that Vizion Centre houses an EP, Vizion, which is built around one of the more ambient tones of the Vapor City interlude. It's free if you sign up to be a "citizen" of Vapor City, and we have the feeling that these different sectors (which are all set to be unlocked at different times throughout 2014) will yield even more material (Mixmag is reporting that Machinedrum recorded over 80 tracks for Vapor City). Preview Vizion down below, and head over to to sign up.