I'll be straight-up from the jump: I had never heard of Unlike Pluto before checking this remix out.  Come to find out this young LA by way of ATL native has been putting in a bunch of work and his Internet visibility is steadily on the rise.  And the main reason I gave it a peep was because it was a flip of Lorde, who I think might be the most important new artist to breakout in 2013, regardless of genres.  The result is a powerful pop-infused banger that brings in a number of super exciting elements of dubstep and trap.  It's not like some boring straight-up vocal/overblown build up/lame wonky drop type thing in any way at all either.  UP really used this vocal as the backbone to the flip and brings in so many cool tastefully heavy elements that give this remix true emotion and ambition.  This dude is definitely on my radar now.