Washington D.C.'s Lightshow has garnered a reputation for his intense delivery, which he has demonstrated in high-profile collaborations with Wale and Chief Keef. This ferocity is also displayed on "Came A Long Way," the intro song to his latest mixtape, Life Sentence 2. Over the Izze The Producer beat, Lightshow attacks those who feels aren't real, especially in his hometown. "Who you know realer than Light?/He think he realer but right/We know that nigga is wrong/He only real in his songs," he barks.

But while Lightshow has taken the street route to success, he has advice for the younger generation. He says, "Told little bro not to do the shit he sees/That we do/Stay out the streets/I ain't do it but I'mma see that he do."

Watch the video for "Came A Long Way" above and check out Life Sentence 2 below.

[via Trill HD]

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