While reports are sketchy, word from Michigan is that a dead body was found early Sunday morning outside of the Novi's Suburban Collection Showplace, which was the venue that hosted the Life In Color show from the previous night. The Oakland Press reported that the male, identified as 18-year-old Kostika Fushi, was said to have been in town to attend Life In Color but for some reason was not able to get in. His body was found in the snow near Novi, and he was not dressed for the colder conditions. Reports from ABC affiliate 7 Action News are saying that it was freezing rain when the attendees left the venue, and many of them were looking for shelter from the weather (as well as taxis and shuttles from the event, many of which were said to not want to give rides). Their report speculates, however, that Fushi might not have been able to get a ride home from the event. They also say that there were 15 people who were hospitalized from the event at Providence Park Hospital, with speculation that more were admitted to other hospitals in the area.

As of right now, there is no suspected foul play in Fushi's death, but with it being an EDM event, and reports of hospitalizations in the area surrounding this event, you always know what's being brought up: Molly. We hate to speculate, but if there was, say, a Dancesafe tent station set up, and kids could be testing the pills that are going around, would we be seeing these high numbers of hospitalizations? And as one DAD reader has since pointed out, it is weird that we hear of the attendees having trouble getting out - how did they get in? Were they all shuttled? Regardless of the situation, we'll keep you posted on any details when they become available.