What happens when producers known for dirty ass-shaking trap tracks gets a hold of a powerful big room vocal track? 2 Girls, 1 Trap. That's what. At least that is how Goon Bags, a duo that represents St. Louis and Toronto, tagged this newest remix on Soundcloud. Rest assured, this is not a fake, disgusting pornographic video, although similar side effects like stink face may occur. And unlike that gross troll that went viral a few years ago, this song is pretty hot.

A version of the Krewella track "We Are One," redefines the concept of getting wet, even for the girls who have recently made the term so socially acceptable. It is admittedly an unlikely pairing, Krewella remixed by the trapness that is Goon Bags. People were probably also surprised at their recent collaboration with hardstyle guru, Headhunterz, but I say this adds flavor to an already tasty dish, not to be confused with the girls doing anything with a cup.

This Goon Bags remix is dope as fuck to a Krewella fan and lover of trap music. Beautifully atypical, at the same time without too much deviation from the original. To everyone else, it has quite an eclectic feel. Melodic and heavy sounds atop strong bass lines and trappy beats that have me imagining a dance floor filled with soaking wet twerking shufflers. Download this remix now, and practice integrating your dance moves. This track will bring out a sexy side of ratchet; it allows you to let loose and have fun because here, anything goes. And just remember, run the trap. Don't let the trap run you.

There is one question I have in all of this, thinking about Headhunterz and looking at the album art of this release: Where the fuck does Rainman fit into all of this?