Nothing has been more popular in pop culture than butt this year, and twerk anthems have been the direct cause.  From Crunk Bear to Miley Cyrus, the entire world is infatuated with booty right now.  Kid Kobra is a 17 year old producer that's producing insane records intended only for a sea of gyrating glutes, and he hit the nail on the head with a hammer on his collaborative EP with Trapzillas' Charile Bars.

We premiered "Booty Drop" a little over a month ago, and the rest of the release is just as massive.  This entire EP contains heavy bass and crazy synth work, and the vocals form Bars sit perfectly on top of these bouncy club sounds.  This is a Do Androids Dance premiere in collaboration with LACX pushing a handful of destructive records just in time for your New Years Eve turn up.