Back in April, DAD helped kick off this 100BPM craze by presenting the impressive We Keep It 100 EP, which was cultivated by the duo of Shooter McNappin and Buzz Trillington, who you now know as SwaggleRock. Tomorrow (December 17), the boys are back in town with We Keep It 100, Vol. 2, another free EP of bangers that SwaggleRock assembled featuring the likes of JSTJR, Caked Up, Broadway Slim, Tropkillaz, Notixx, G-Buck, and many others. It's another example of how you can have a BPM but not be defined by a certain style or genre of production; just keeping it 100 can be enough.

To get you hyped for this project, DVNK SINATRV strapped on a GoPro and recorded a seven-minute routine featuring cuts from the project as a special preview. You'll definitely be salivating over the tunes that are dropped and the way they're presented. More fire. MORE FIRE! And if that's not enough, a little android told us that SwaggleRock and Vices (which features one-half of DVNK SINATRV) have a project on the way. Get prepped! And come back for the release of We Keep It 100, Vol. 2 tomorrow!