Earlier today Rick Ross released his  single "The Devil Is A Lie," a song that most people, when they listened to it, believed to be produced by K.E. On The Track. That's what many major news outlets, including Complex, and social networks were abuzz with the information as well. Shortly after the song was released—producer Major Seven went to Twitter with allegations that the beat was stolen from him. This situation was made even more awkward by the fact that K.E. had made a video of himself producing the beat. And he responded to Major's accusation with taunting: 

From there, Major Seven went on a tirade on Twitter:


Just a hour ago, Major tweeted that the situation had been cleared up, confirming that the beat is his:


K.E. has not commented further. We don't know quite what to make of all this, but "u will see Rick Ross and Jay Z" sounds pretty ominous. (Like being being sent to the grown-up world's principal's office.)

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