Kanye West came back to his hometown of Chicago for the Yeezus tour, and naturally, he made his rounds across all of the local radio stations. Stopping by The Morning Riot on WGCI 107.5, things almost got tense when the topic of conversation became his recent interview with Sway. It began with one of the interviewers asking Kanye whom he considers more skilled than him, that he would want to collaborate with. His response was that everybody he currently works with is more skilled than him at something, and then went on to say:

"Like when I had that interview with Sway and he caught me off-guard with that dumbass question, like 'Why don't you do it yourself?' What I don't like about what he did is that you know that there's all these people gunning for me, and you know the only reason why I talk about production and factories is because I want to bring more ideas to the world. I want to make a bigger contribution. And so when we talk about someone who can do something better than me, if I said I wanted to make my own sneaker as hot as the Jordan, but I'm gonna do it without Nike or without adidas, how do you think that sneaker is going to come out? It'll come out like it was made out of some cardboard or some fabric. I can't mention anybody's shoes, but it wouldn't have been the Yeezys. If I tried to make my child [North West] without Kim Kardashian, she wouldn't have come out as good."

This led to one of the other interviewers echoing Sway's question, saying that he disagreed with the idea that Kanye couldn't create a sneaker without corporate help. Kanye's response: "I'm not disagreeing with none of y'all. I came here to express exactly how I feel, and I'm not looking for no suggestions from none of y'all." When the interviewer clarified that he was not suggesting anything to Kanye and that he was actually asking a question, Kanye said "I told you the answer before the question was asked."

"You are God," the interviewer said. "If the answer has been answered before the question has even been asked."

Kanye also spoke about his plans with adidas and being the same person now that he was coming up when he was in Chicago trying to become a rapper.

[via Miss Info]

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