Congratulations to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian! They bested their second place spot in last year's Celebrity Neighbor Survery on real estate site Zillow. They are now the No. 1 least desirable famous neighbors!

Wait, what?

You mean, people don't want to be invited to a potluck where 2 Chainz might be bringing a dish? Or send their kids off into the bouncy castle at Nori West's first birthday so they can rub elbows with Blue Ivy?

Well, according to Zillow's Chief Marketing Officer Amy Bohutinsky, “No one wants to live next door to a family who has cameras following them everywhere and seems to seek out as much attention as possible." She adds, "However, with more than one-third of surveyed Americans preferring a non-celebrity neighbor, what remains clear is that many people don’t want to live next to any celebrity, regardless of why they are famous." This includes Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Lady Gaga, who also topped the undesirable neighbor list, right behind the Westdashians.

Jimmy Fallon is the celebrity that people would want to live near most, with 11% of the survey's positive vote. He's not someone we'd put on the least desirable list, either. But here's a list of people we'd run out of the neighborhood in favor of Kim, Kanye, and little North. (If we had the money to live like them.)

  • The entire Robertson Family from Duck Dynasty
  • Katy Perry and John Mayer, lest they do nighttime campfire duets. Have you heard "Who You Love"? Ugh.
  • Andrew Bynum. But maybe he's become a little bit more amiable since last year.
  • We try to keep our whips in good shape, so we'd like to keep Lindsay Lohan's bad driving out of the community.
  • Drake, unless he's on his best behavior. Just kidding! We'd love for Drizzy to rely on us for a cup of sugar, especially if it means we can use his rave-shower when we house sit.

And how could you not want to see these rolling down your street?

[via Zillow]