JSTJR was one of the more exciting prospects to gain traction in 2013. At a time when so many were tired of the big room EDM sound, the styles of zouk bass, moombahton, and whatever you want to call this 100BPM craze were popping up the world over, and no matter where you were from, Boston's JSTJR seemed to be a constant. In the last year, he's released EPs with Generation Bass, been touted by Enchufada as an artist to watch in 2014, to getting support and praise from a number of the scenes finest, including Mad Decent, Skream & Benga, and many, many others. And for good reason. Dude's just talented, and knows how to eek out those gems of sound into his productions.

When it came time for us to find someone to flex for the 100BPM / twerk / bounce/ whatthefuckdoyoucall it sound, JSTJR was the immediate choice. As you'll hear, he has a great ear for the tracks that kept many heads turnt throughout the year, with many of his peers making appearances (including G-Buck, Tropkillaz, Corrupted Data, Notixx, Milo & Otis, and many others). This sound is actually more loose than people realize; you can do a LOT in the 100BPM zone, but today, in this moment, we just want you to bug the fuck out. You're welcome. And if you're sleeping on JSTJR, you're playing yourself.

Keep in touch with JSTJR: Twitter | SoundCloud | Facebook


Tropkillaz - HOTDAMN!
Far East Movement & Rell The Soundbender - Gangsta Boogie ft. Kurupt
Finaticz - Don't Drop That Thun Thun (G-Buck Remix)
Missy Elliot - One Minute Man (Saint + Jesse Slayter Remix)
Riff Raff - Rose Gold Stripper Pole (Prod. MLSM)
Ian Munro & Kyle Van Riper - Swing It
Mr. Carmack - Birth Control
Lil Mama - Lip Gloss (Gold Top Remix)
Skrillex, 12th Planet and Kill The Noise - Right On Time (Alex Young Remix)
JSTJR - Twerk Team
GREEN LANTERN - Bhangra Bounce
Diplo - Express Yourself (Laudz Remix)
Corrupted Data - Donk (Original Twerk Mix)
TI- Bring Em Out (Hifee Remix)
Meaux Green x Party Favor - G-String
Saint & G-Buck - Gijibae (Original Mix)
Missy Elliot - Work It (Dreamer x Ian Munro Edit)
Jackal - Bubblegum (feat. CRNKN) (LVX Remix)
JSTJR & Tropkillaz - Exercise Yo Body
Brillz & Teddy Tuxedo - Rvtchet Bitch (Milo & Otis Remix)
Yellow Claw - DJ Turn It Up
JSTJR & 2 Deep - Capleton
Carnage - Mara (Notixx Redo)
Tropkillaz - Badman
Green Lantern - Here We Go Again
Flux Pavillion - Bass Cannon (JSTJR Bootleg)
Bro Safari, UFO! & Jesse Slayter - Beat it Up
Dj Anderson & Dj Nino [TxiGa Pro] - Asia 200 Tarraxo
Pickster & Riot Earp - Ratchet Gas
Hoodie - El Mecanico (Corrupted Data Remix)
JSTJR - Money & Bass Ft. Charlie Bars
Ludacris - Stand Up

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