When OG turntablist and true school hip-hop veteran J.Rocc is asked by Benji B to drop a set at his Deviation night in Brooklyn, we got excited. And when DAD has the mix nice and tidy for you true believers out there, it's probably a great time to stop whatever you're doing and take a listen. From founding the legendary Beat Junkies in 1992 to DJing live for left coast rap pioneers Madlib, working with J Dilla and producing with Stones Throw Records, he has an impressive pedigree. Now, as hip-hop culture and EDM slowly begin to intertwine at the nexus of popular culture, everything from the organic roots of the movement (soulful disco, rhythm and blues, break-beat driven house, Afrobeat, and reggae riddims) to current hits of both - are thoroughly explored in a 90+ minute set. Exclusive to Do Androids Dance until the end of December, again this eclectic yet entirely linked journey to the heart and soul of the zeitgeist demands your ears' attention.