By 2011, Billionaire Boys Club had a strong following and was already considered one of the biggest names in urban fashion. Big Sean mentioned BBC on his debut album and Skateboard P used the opportunity he had on T.I.'s "Here Ye, Hear Ye" to market the Billionaire Boys Club name once again. Meanwhile, when Pharrell hopped on Game's "In My '64," Game showed love by name-dropping Icecreams.  

"Hoody over my head, Jedi, Anakin/Looking like a BBC, Louis V mannequin." —Big Sean on "Celebrity"

"I like my Icecreams with toppings/But we ain't going to the candy shop—we call it shopping." —Game on "In My '64"

"Catch me in the Gap V with some BBC trunks/Flip flops sipping on cream like its punch." —Pharrell on T.I.'s "Here Ye, Hear Ye"