Hash Money is the collaborative efforts between bass phenom Space Jesus and wordsmith GDP, and their Smoker's Cough label is gearing up to take over 2014. It includes Australian hip-hop producer DOS4GW, relative-unknown chillwave beatsmith Rosegold, and Shlang. Hash Money’s debut is slotted for February, and features Hot Sugar, Chippy Nonstop, and Shape. They’re in hustle mode, and creating some incredible records.

In "Right Now," GDP hangs out with and accidentally shoots Space Jesus, then drags his body around, cuts off his hair, puts it on his own head, and performs as him for a live crowd. This might sound crazy, but if you’re familiar with their history, they have a knack for killing themselves off.

“Right Now” also features a cameo from Mark Brownstein of the Disco Biscuits, and was filmed by Charles Mostoller and Riley Mondo. GDP lends production credits, and this was edited by Max Hilva (who is well known in the industry for his work with Bricksquad, Future, and Neako. You can get a free sampler and check out the full Smoker’s Cough roster at SmokersCough.net.