Today, Gucci Mane released his latest albumThe State Vs Radric Davis: The Caged Bird Sings. Yes, that's right, the man who once got an ice cream cone tattooed on his face, the man whose written some of the most illegible tweets we couldn't stop reading, the man who not only owns an iced out Bart Simpson chain but also an iced out Baking Soda chain, has an album title that's inspired by the work of Maya Angelou. Gucci's new album title comes from Angelou's classic 1969 autobiography, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.

The album's title raises important questions. Namely, how badly will Angelou flip out when she actually hears some of Gucci's music? But it raises other important questions, like how one Complex commenter wondered, does this mean Gucci is gonna start snitching? But the most important question of all is; what other ridiculous album title mashups that mix Gucci Mane album and song titles with works of Maya Angelou could the usual gang of idiots at Complex come up with? Well, there's 12 to get started with:

Oh Pray My Bart Chain Is Gonna Fit Me Well

I Shall Not Be Moved: Anyone Can Be Cut From Brick Squad

Even the Stars Look Lonesome: Anyone Can Be Cut From Brick Squad 2

Gather Together In My Name Trilogy: Guwop, Gucci, Mr. Zone 6

Pills I Rise

The Heart of a Freaky Gurl

All God's Children Need Lemonade Gucci Shoes

The Iced Out Bart Of a Woman

Georgia, Georgia's Most Wanted

All God's Children Need Pyrex

Letter to My Trap Gurl

Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Lemonade 'fore I Diiie

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