You know what we needed on this fine Tuesday afternoon? A .ZIP file of 25 Flying Lotus tracks in varying stages of completion. In celebration of hitting 300K followers on Twitter, Flying Lotus decided to upload a .zip of files. People got hype because while he's been talking about technically being unsigned (he's currently negotiating his deal with Warp), he has hinted at an album's worth of material that's ready for mixing. In the mean time (or #theinbetweeen), FlyLo went ahead and posted this massive 25-track .ZIP, "Ideas+drafts+loops," which features tracks you should have heard (like the Captain Murphy/Viktor Vaughn/Earl Sweatshirt collaboration "Between Villains"), a track that he co-produced with DJ Mehdi (and features Maipei), random instrumentals (of varying length), and even a brilliant blend of Thundercat and Kanye West's "Black Skinheads." This is being hammered right now, so get in where you fit in, but here are the links that FlyLo posted: