Australia's Emoh Instead isn't a name you hear quite as often as you should.  As 1/2 of What So Not, Emoh Instead has played an integral role in developing such tunes as "Touched" and "The Quack" putting a fresh pop tropical spin on a variety of genres.  As a solo act, Emoh Instead has also put a number of dope releases and his latest is a remix for fellow Aussie Elizabeth Rose.  The result is pretty amazing honestly and I don't even know what to say except that I really enjoy this.  The vocals work great over a bopping beat and the well-arranged classic piano stabs give it a healthy dose of upfront musicality to give it a strong pop edge.  And not that us androids needed any reminder, but let it be known that Emoh Instead is not "just the other half of WSN" or "Flume's partner," - he is an artist you need to recognize.