This upcoming new music Tuesday, Buygore Records releases The Rise EP from Nix R. Chohan and Christian Boyd, the dubstep duo from Toronto that make up Dr. Ozi. Kennedy Jones makes an appearance on the EP with a remix of "Forget 6.0." Just a week or so after signing with Ultra Records, and releasing jam-packed mix under their name, the remix is a showing of Jones' loyalty to the label run by his close colleague, the most misunderstood and an underrated producer in the industry.

EDM bad boy and ladies man Borgore, is more than baby blues and orgies. He wasn't banging hard enough as drummer of a death metal band in Tel Aviv. His life changed when he entered an Israeli nightclub and heard a DJ spinning the likes of Skream, Benga, and Coki. He moved to the UK on a mission to bang harder, in every sense of that phrase. His sound was UK dubstep and metal combined, paving the way for the heavy synths and bass that came out of the Toronto duo now releasing a brilliant EP on his label. Not sure how they are with the ladies, but Dr Ozi can sure bang those beats hard and fast as fuck.

Dr Ozi members Chris and Nix came up in Toronto in 2006 making fast-paced screeching electro with loaded basslines. As dubstep's popularity rose to great lengths throughout North America so did these two, bringing a never before heard sound to their Canadian hometown. This EP is iconic, a sort of dubstep through the years, each track uniquely representative of its many subgenres.

"Blood and Fire" features chillstep vibes, charged synths, and beautiful vocals of Nikki Jumper. Dr Ozi has posted on social media how proud they are to have this track on their EP. Our editor-in-chief will love the title of the next track, although ever since my run in with "Steve French," I have learned not to over research these track names. "Ric Flair" surely has the glitz and glamour of the professional wrestler who sounded like a rapper. I was surprised to not here a "WOO!" in there somewhere, but the track has as much "flair" as a waitress wearing suspenders at your local T.G.I.Fridays. The next two tracks pay some serious homage to all sounds ending in step, from UK dub to gore to bro. Banging beats kick those crazy dubstep noises into high gear. Straight nuts. "Nucking Futs." An evil mythological creature gone mad. "Madusa."
The fifth track, "Bounce," is their last original on the EP, with a dubbed vocal track and trappy sound. Still whooping and dirty as the rest of the bass music on this trap, but the vocals and slower beats are definitely influenced by the more recent subgenre. It is a fresh sound, and frankly my favorite track on the EP. It sounds closest to the Kennedy Jones remix of "Forget 6.0," the final track on this glorious collection. This packs in melodic trapstep, if that is even a thing. If it wasn't Kennedy Jones is an innovator and an artist, and he made it a thing with this remix. Dr Ozi love the track, as does Kennedy himself. You'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't like this guy, though. And trust him. The feeling is mutual, as Jones recently wrote in this heartfelt Facebook post.
I am not telling you anything that you can't find out for yourself by simply listening to The Rise. It speaks for itself, all you need to do is listen. I fucks hard with this, as I do with almost everything Buygore. Because like Borgore, Dr Ozi, and Kennedy Jones, I like to bang harder than most. The EP will be released on Tuesday, December 3.