DIRTY//CLEAN is yet another collective of musicians that have banded together in order to attack the world as a collaborative force. And as corny as the idea of “I found Internet friends that understand me and we’re better off together” sounds, we’ve seen dozens of compilations and labels spawn off of this idea, and some of the my favorite records this year came from talented musicians that have banded together for the betterment of the sound and their scene. And though we can’t tell exactly what “DIRTY//CLEAN” wants to accomplish, the music aligned with this brand is pristine.

Based out of Denver and San Francisco, this community released the HORIZONS EP, which includes varying styles and a variety of feels. This moves between house, club, juke, and trap that is masterfully produced by Bedrokk, Dailon, Snubluck, Dawn Safari, Mosis, Amor, EST., Chap, and Hollagramz.  All of these records evoke emotion, and this release truly has something for everyone that loves bass music.  I’m poking a bit more on these producers and their influences to save you the effort. In the meantime, HORIZONS is available for free download.