It's crazy to think that Diplo's got a decade of helping progress the music scene under his belt. It didn't take long for his name to rise from "that Philly bol who put out that awesome trip-hop/downtempo album on Ninja Tune" to the EDM behemoth that's produced for everyone from Usher to Santigold. He's a music nerd at heart (like all DJs are), and has a knack for not only studying sounds, but providing a bridge for those who aren't in the know to truly "get" them. Genres like moombahton, trap, and New Orleans bounce can look at Diplo as being a filter for their growth, either via releasing important tracks via Mad Decent or through his production.

With all of the work he's putting in, he's gained notice from all sides of the dance music scene, which turned into a grip of quality remixes during the last decade. If he's feeling it, he goes in, and we've seen his touch applied to tracks from Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Radiohead, Calvin Harris, and others. In looking over this past decade, DAD felt it was high time to present the best of Diplo's remix catalog.