It's been a minute since we've updated you on what deadmau5 plans to have for his "Suckscription" service. Last we'd heard, he was planning on making sure the service was under $5, and get as much of his catalog onto the service as he can. Based on this recent Reddit update, it looks like we're a few steps closer to this being a real thing:

CONFIRMED and locked in, the sub model will be 4.99$ yes! had to fuckin fight tooth and nail for it... but i did it, kept it under 5 bucks! (suck it SUCK IT!) hahaha thats a total savings of 1 cent per month!!! woo! who loves you? i do.
and... this baby will be live in a week. :D maybe less (or maybe a day longer) who knows, we have to test a few things ... make sure its solid before we unleash the horde on it. coz yeah, i dont want people to pay for a broken thing.
(plus i still have to upload all the content this week too... so theres lots of goodies available to you right off the bat... instead of a buncha nothing... so people dont be all like... okay, so.. whats here." blah blah. ;)
im fuckin excited.

So in a week you can spend $4.99 of your Christmas bucks and get your 'mau5 on. Or making sure you save them for the 2014 tour and the new album, whenever they get announced. Keep it locked!

(White Raver Rafting)