After a jovial back-and-forth with this morning's tardy cab driver, during which I "calmly" illustrated the importance of timeliness and doing what you do well, I arrived at the train station just in time to make my train—you know, the I-need-to-catch-this-one-or-else-I'm-gonna-need-to-email-my-boss train. Every time I phone that janky cab service, I have to remain aware that they're going to over-promise and under-deliver, but this is a familiar hurdle for me, and I already know what mood it will put me in. As a result, I also know how to counteract the ill feelings of morning stress that careless cab drivers can induce. So as soon as I got situated in my undesirably pre-warmed seat, I scrolled right through my iPhone and tapped Curren$y's "BBS."

The second the beat crawls into my headphones, I feel revitalized, credit to The Alchemist, who has perfected the craft of making records that feel cold and creepy but full of life—reptilian even.

Just now feeling alive, I listen as Spitta delivers a waterfall of words that splashdown perfectly with Alchemist's architecture. You can't quote a line without capturing large chunks of the verse; even though each can stand on its own, it's the way he carefully laces them all together that leaves you feeling like you'd better just run the whole damn song back. "Pack the bong full with everything except the kitchen sink/Underneath which I keep a set of Andis clippers/I can fix my lining up/Before we go over by them b*tches/A quick little something, can't get the back/I don't know where I left my hand mirror/Type of dilemmas'll never hinder my jet living." I don't know about y'all, but that's basically 12 percent of my life captured in 58 words. (Mainly because my barber sucks, but that's a complaint for another time).

It's a song that's flat-out fun to rap along to, partly due to the way Curren$y makes words that do not rhyme...rhyme. And partly because if someone overheard me on the train, I won't sound like I'm lying about my livelihood.

Both of the collaborators showcase what comes off like effortless perfection. The song isn't over-produced or over-rapped. Two artists who know what they're capable of and deliver to the max. No gimmicks. In a timely 2:27, too.   

My cab driver could take a lesson.

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