There's this feeling I love. The feeling you get when you like an album a lot after a few listens but you still haven't grasped it all so you can't wait to hear it some more to unpack it. Each listen is like going back into a gold mine for fresh findings. That’s where I am right now with Childish Gambino’s new album, Because The Internet. I know I like it, but I don't know the album well enough yet.

I got into it this weekend while playing it as background music. I was impressed with the sound but wasn't following each song closely enough. Even on my second and third listens, when I did listen closely, I realized there was more to this album than I was yet getting. At this point, I've heard the album enough to know I like it, but pinpointing specific highlights is tough. That's why this morning, on the train on the way into work, I honed in on the Chance the Rapper assisted "The Worst Guys." (Which has actually been out for a minute though I hadn't peeped it before.)  

Childish does his shtick of clever-but-slightly-corny braggadocio ("Tia and Tamara in my bed, I'm a smart guy") and it works. You find yourself nodding, impressed, rather than SMHing. Chance's hook is simple and catchy. But really it’s the instrumentation that gets me. Who knew Gambino was capable of making music full of soaring guitars, and who knew he could sing like that? I pressed "repeat" as soon as it was over, to go back and study some more.

That’s the song I found today. Tomorrow, I'll be headed back down into the mine in search of more nuggets of treasure. 

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