Complex TV is back with another exclusive show that explores all of the questions you wanted to know about your favorite artists. From the first album they ever bought to their favorite cuss words and go-to restaurants, find out what makes your favorite artists Complex Individuals

In this episode of Complex Individuals Cam'ron reveals who he'd like to meet in person and what his greatest risk in life has been thus far. The latter question makes the 37-year-old rapper from Harlem laugh hysterically before he gives his answer. "Maybe riding with a gun in the car," he says. "I got caught with that. I did my time and everything for that."

Killa Cam also shares a story he's never talked about before which he considers "almost" his most embarrassing moment. Right out of a comedy script, the story features Cam'ron, an unknown woman, and a bed that's been urinated in. "This was awhile ago. I took a girl home from the club the first time I ever met her. I was pissy drunk," he says. "So we get in the bed, we do what we do. We fall asleep. I wake up. And you know how you just wake up, and I'm like, 'I know I didn't just pee on myself.'" Facing a dilemma, Cam went into action. "You gotta think quick in this scenario. So I run to the bathroom, I get a cup of water, and I sit down on the bed and act like the water spilt in the bed." 

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