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Before all of these masked EDM producers started taking this industry over, we went years until we found out who Burial actually was.  Sure, the reality was underwhelming.  We heard dozens of rumors about who this unknown producer could be (people still don’t seem incredibly convinced that it isn’t Four Tet), then shrugged it off when he revealed that he wasn’t a well-known producer working under an alias.  But his music was (and still is) beautiful, and we still get excited for his records when they come out.  But just as quickly as I drafted and article mentioning the release and messaged Hyperdub to confirm the tracklist, they released the record early.  You can stream the tunes below, or purchase them over at Hyperdub's website, where this release is for sale in both MP3 and .WAV format.  And just as quick as we're wondering whether or not Rival Dealer was the actual title, you can snag it for yourself.  You can grab a physical copy of this EP via Boomkat.