Few labels have the cache right now that Bromance Records has. Brodinski is doing his thing as usual, Louisahhh!!! is getting more and more known with bigger bookings across the U.S., and Kaytranada is doin' the damn thing with his own headlining tour too. Today Bromance just reminded us again (as if we forgot) that they aren't to be messed with.

The French label has largley stuck with releases brewed within their own national walls so it's not surprising that they'd pick up a solo release from Little Mike. For those who don't know (and we didn't connect the dots until a bit after), Little Mike is one of the four turntablist-producers that make up the OWSLA-signed quartet Birdy Nam Nam. For his first Bromance release and the first side of Bromance #13, Little Mike calls on his BNN style to infuse his own hip-hop swag into this techno-fied banger. To be quite honest there isn't much to say about this other then "holy shit!"

For the side two, Ateph Elidja delivers an equally "holy shit!" inducing awesome jam. You should already know Ateph because khal already told us about his smackin' technofied trap Theophilius turn, but in case you haven't this is a great place to start.  That said, it's hard not to sound campy or hyperbolic sometimes when you're just so souped on a record and that's how I feel about this. "Road Junction" is the current quintessential Bromance Records track with it's screeching synths and screams, dominating and throbbing gangsta-swagged out percussion and intensely cinematic energy.

Don't sleep on this when it drops (digitally) on Tuesday, December 9.